Take advantage of Endex's secure document storage services.For many of our clients, we simply support their in-house arrangements or act as an overflow facility.

Either way our objective is to save individuals money by providing cost effective document archive storage solutions.

EndEx offer a wide range of document storage services; on-site and offsite document storage management services.

We deal with a wide range of customers from Accountants, NHS Trust’s, Care Homes and Solicitors all of which have their own requirements and individual needs.  We offer a bespoke service to suit every business.

We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our record keeping, our retrieval reliability and the overall security of all files or records in our custody.

EndEx Storage Boxes

We provide a wide range of boxes some of which are specifically designed for medical notes and Lloyd George Notes.

The boxes we provide are unique to our company and we believe are stronger than most on the current market.  We are proud to provide a storage box that customers can use on more than one occasion providing excellent value for money.

Boxes can be supplied upon request – price provided upon application.

Privately Owned Storage Facility

The EndEx team can be contacted 24/7 should an emergency arise providing you with peace of mind.

Unlike other companies there is no sharing of space, no dependence on external landlords and no rental agreements or leases. It is us, EndEx; our site, our buildings, our expertise and our experience.

Our premises sit on a wholly owned, secure and dedicated site that sits in 3 hectares and has state-of-the-art storage and document storage facilities.  Each individual storage unit has its own lock and alarm system with encrypted computer access codes protecting its location and contents.

Storing your documents off-site with EndEx Archives Ltd. provides you with extra space in your office and peace of mind that your documents are being securely looked after.

EndEx Archive Services

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