Leading providers of document management & storage services from privately owned facilities

EndEx provide a trusted, document management and document archive storage facility to a wide range of professional companies. EndEx store many types of documents; Lloyd George Medical Notes, Patient Records, Medical X-Rays and Legal Documents are just a few examples.

EndEx can help you make the transition from an existing supplier to EndEx totally free of charge - no cost to you!

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Who are EndEx?

EndEx Archives Company Icon

EndEx Archives are located in Ipswich, Suffolk and have been providing document management services to businesses in the UK for over 25 years. Read more about EndEx.

Archive Storage Boxes

EndEx's Archive Storage Boxes

EndEx’s document archive storage boxes are ideal for loose documents as well as A4 wallets, lever arch files, box files, suspension files and hangers, print out binders and computer discs. More on our archive document storage services.

Security systems are in place at our secure storage facilities providing 24/7 remote CCTV security.

Our members of staff (including drivers) are thoroughly trained, vetted and CRB checked. They also wear branded uniforms and carry secure ID so our clients can be sure they are who they say they are. Visitors sign comprehensive confidentiality agreements.

EndEx boxes are metal stitched and made from double-wall corrugated cardboard, which has a neutral pH level and makes the boxes robust to protect important documents.

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Who are our clients?

EndEx specialise in secure document storage for five distinct markets, which are:

  • GP's & NHS
  • Solicitors
  • Accountants
  • Care Home Providers
  • Local Government Authorities

We cater to anyone dealing with documents, contact us for more information.

What our clients say about us

Endex Archives client - NHS Trust

An expert in their field of work is the best way to describe EndEx Archives. They provide us with an electronic and hard copy document storage service and that makes the retrieval side of their business very unique. After making the switch to EndEx from our previous provider, we have seen immediate savings and the service that they provide us with is what pleases us the most. I would certainly recommend EndEx to anyone looking for a secure document storage expert

EndEx provide a cost-effective secure document shredding & destruction service that is both regulated and compliant

We offer a variety of destructions services one of which includes Medical X-Ray destruction. Are you aware that you can earn money from getting your X-Rays destroyed through EndEx? Please contact us for more information on how and further information.

Once the destruction has taken place a certificate of destruction is issued.

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EndEx are members of Records Management Society, are ICO 9001 certified, ICO 14001 certified, are members of the Information Commissioners Office and are a PracticeIndex recommended GP supplier.

We provide a tailor made scanning service for every customer as we appreciate you are all individuals with different needs and requirements.

Our archiving software has been uniquely designed to enable us to meet your most stringent requirements. Easy to read and flexible, it enables us to find individual files quickly.

Using our unique archiving software means that EndEx can retrieve individual files and scan and email them to you, which means you don't need to request an entire box to find a particular file.

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